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Shout out to Galesburg's Register Mail and Ben Zigterman who wrote an awesome article previewing our Grand Opening!  Ben interviewed Sean, DeAndre, and Jordan about our big plans in Galesburg!

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GALESBURG — This Tuesday at 11 a.m., a new food truck will hold its grand opening at H&R Block on Henderson Street.

After a trial run last fall, Boss Food Truck is returning with its pulled pork nachos, tenderloin sandwiches, fried chicken wings and other dishes.

"If there's a theme, it would be American dining," DeAndre Henderson said. "I guess the theme is 'things we like to eat.'"

Galesburg's newest food truck is run by two Galesburg High School North teachers, DeAndre Henderson and Jordan McDonald; former District 205 teacher Sean O'Keeffe, and Henderson's father, Allen Henderson.

Boss Food Truck plans to be open for lunch Tuesdays through Fridays and may be open for dinner on some days. Because it's a truck, it won't have a set location, but customers can find that on its website,, and on Twitter and Facebook.

The plan for the truck began in early 2014, when DeAndre Henderson was teaching an entrepreneurship class.

"I wrote a business plan to help (my students) figure out how to write a business plan," he said "And the business plan turned into something more. After I talked to Sean about it, I was like, man, we can really do this."

By the summer, they began working on getting the necessary licenses, buying the truck, and they finally opened in Macomb in August, working the late-night crowd outside the bars on the weekends.

They kept doing that through November as a trial of sorts, with no advertising or website.

"The response we got in Macomb was great," O'Keeffe said. "It's been almost three months, and pretty much every week, someone's asking, 'Are you coming this weekend?'"

On the financial side, Boss Food Trucks has been profitable, DeAndre Henderson said.

"We averaged probably about $500 a night," he said. "A lot of last year, we didn’t take any money out of the biz, so we could pay off the bills. We made enough money so we could take December, January and February off and still be able to pay off the bills we had."

Boss Food Truck is using what it learned last year to help it launch this year and expand to Galesburg.

"We’ve improved a lot," O'Keeffe said. "From the beginning to the end there was a lot less arguing. There were a lot more happy customers."

Boss Food Truck began last year only in Macomb because it has less strict regulations.

"In Macomb, they allow you to sell wherever you want. In Galesburg, you have to get the property owner’s permission to sell on their property, and you can’t sell on city streets or any city property, and a lot of where we would set up is city property," DeAndre Henderson said. "The laws are against us here, because we would rather be here all the time."

Right now, Boss Food Truck plans to continue working weekends in Macomb until it can find a downtown location in Galesburg near the bars for the late-night crowd.

"We’re still trying to get someone to allow us to sit around here in the downtown area," Henderson said. "Once that happens, we will definitely be staying more for the weekends to be able to serve the bar crowd here. We think that’s a good market and safer than having people leave the bars and drive out to Steak 'n Shake."

As teachers, McDonald and Henderson are using the lessons they learn to help teach their students.

"I use it probably every day, and the kids can really relate that way," he said. "I’m teaching economics right now. Whenever I give real-world examples, I most of the time use Boss Food Truck."

They also want to get their students more involved with the food truck, whether that's working the truck or helping make flyers.

"They get excited," Henderson said. "They really like the idea that their teachers have started a food truck."

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Thanks to the awesome people at WGIL in Galesburg!  They interviewed our very own Jordan McDonald and provided us with a fantastic news and radio story.  

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Boss Food Truck was started last summer as a mobile food station serving the bar crowd in Macomb.

On March 1, the food truck’s four-man crew is holding a grand opening in Galesburg.

The location is yet to be announced, but Boss Food Truck partner and Galesburg High School North English teacher Jordan McDonald tells WGIL there are a few places in mind as the operation picks up steam.

“We have a spot out at … Sandburg Mall right now that we’re OK with,” he says. “But I think that we might push, perhaps, to get some place on Henderson Street, push some place to get like a plant area, a factory, or push for somewhere in downtown for the bar crowd.”

He says the food truck will operate March to December from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday with later hours on weekends.

And they have quite a menu prepared.

“All of our food is handmade and its fresh,” McDonald says. “Our most popular items are our breaded tenderloin, our pulled pork nachos, we have hand-cut fries.”

He says the selection has a “barbecue-type vibe,” but adds that salads are also on the menu.

Boss Food Truck was started by fellow GHS North teacher DeAndre Henderson, his father Allen Henderson, and friend Sean O’Keeffe.

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