The first part of our dream is to provide great food to our customers and local community.  When you think of a food truck, we want mouths to water and to deliver an experience that you cannot get anywhere else.  We offer restaurant quality food, that is handmade and fresh.   We strive for our food to be creative, and looked to constantly improve what we make.  We always want to give our customers something to come back for, something that they cannot find anywhere else.

The second part of the dream is giving back to the community.  Boss Food Truck LLC truly wants to make Galesburg and our other local areas a brighter place today and in the future.  Whether it is bringing in more local business or providing employment, Boss Food Truck believes that it can be a force of change for the better.  We know that people can be made happier with food, and we want to provide that bliss for them.  We want to educate and employ the youth of Galesburg about small business.  We want to encourage entrepreneurship to our customers.  We want everyone to follow their own dreams and achieve them.  

The third part of our dream is working to make something great through entrepreneurship.  Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations, but  we have come together to form Boss Food Truck LLC and follow a united purpose and dream.   We have done countless hours of work by researching marketing, perfecting ingredients, and reaching out to the people and businesses of our community.  All of this has been hard work, but has turned into an extremely fulfilling experience, one that could not be replicated.  To achieve your dreams, one must go through much hardship, but that makes it all the more worthwhile.